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The game doesn't seem to start up.



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The game doesn't seem to start up.


This bug happens as I log inside the game. I put the necessary info, I login. Then it says "FINDING AWESOME SERVER", after a few seconds "CONNECTED TO SERVER." then the window disappears. And the game stays there. I did wait for a little while for it to start up, like around 5 minutes.

I did think I could have been entering a wrong password or something, so I just entered some gibberish as info, but it clearly told me I didn't put the right email/pass. So basically, it connects me and stays there, doing nothing.

Probably it isn't really a bug and there is something I am doing wrong? Please tell me if so.

Anyway, hope it can be fixed in any way.

Edit: I've made some other tries using the "MAIN MENU", and this time the "CONNECTED TO SERVER." window doesn't close.


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Re: The game doesn't seem to start up.

exact same problem here, Finding awesome server", "Connected to server" then all messages dissapear and im just left with a blank game screen and never loads into the game


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Re: The game doesn't seem to start up.

Yeah, this was the leap second thing. It messed up all java server processes on my servers. Although they looked to work ok, until you tried to connect.

The funny thing was that it didn't even help do restart them. I later found a workaround for fixing this at my reglar job, but I solved it by simply rebooting the whole machine.

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